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Guelph Seniors

Seniors are a growing segment of our population:

The aging of the population in Canada will accelerate between 2010 and 2031, the period during which all baby boomers will reach age 65. Population aging will continue after 2031, but at a slower pace.

Today, one in seven Canadians is aged 65 or over. By 2036, nearly one in four Canadians will be a senior.

Source: “Population projections: Canada, the provinces and territories, 2013 to 2063,” The Daily, Wednesday, September 17, 2014

 What does Guelph have to offer Seniors?

gwsalogo2The GWSA partners with the City of Guelph in the operation of the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre and other locations across the City. The GWSA makes available organized programs, activities, services, special events and public interest forums.



Our Visiting Library Service, provides complimentary delivery of library materials to people who are unable to visit the library in person due to a physical or visual disability, or long-term illness.


The Guelph Public Library brings the Bookmobile to you.  It visits many seniors residences including:  The Elliot Community, Guelph Lake Commons Senior Residence, Riverside Glen, Royal on Gordon, St. Joseph’s Health Centre & Apartments, Stone Lodge and the Village of Arbour Trails/Arboretum.




40 downtown businesses honour seniors (60+ years of age, however it is at the discretion of each business. ) in this once-a-month promotion by offering them 15% off their purchase or meal.

Seniors’ Day discount cards can be picked up at any participating business or at the Downtown Guelph Business Association.




Seniors makes it easy for seniors in Guelph & Wellington County to engage in their community in meaningful ways.              On this website you can search for opportunities to volunteer, or find out about community services in the area.


citylogoThe affordable bus pass is a lower-cost pass to help low-income individuals get around Guelph using public transportation. This program aims to make getting around and connecting with the community more affordable. Seniors living in low-income households are encouraged to apply.

Programs and activities for Seniors – Download the Guelph Community Guide or pick it up at several locations in Guelph, including Guelph Public library branches, community and recreation centres. The City also offers a Fee Assistance in Recreation (FAIR) program which provides access for qualifying seniors that meet the same low-income cutoffs established by the affordable bus pass.

Other recreational and educational opportunities are available through:                        

upper grand

Upper Grand District School Board Interest & Leisure Courses

34d age

Third Age Learning



How-To Expert Festival @ GPL


   When:  28 March    11:00 AM – 2:00 PM     

   Where:   Main Library (100 Norfolk St.)

   Fourteen Experts.      10 Minutes.        100% Free.

Think of all the wonderful skills you can learn in such a short time…



jugglebecome a juggling wizard



speakerbecome a public speaking master



perfect the art of tying a necktie and bowtie




raise chickens in the city



play the ukulele


read food nutrition labels



paint  paint with acrylics


and more! 

Come join us, share your experience on twitter with #GPLHowToFest and learn something new!

64 lunchboxes to go!

school-lunchFor me, March Break means I don’t have to pack the Dreaded Lunchbox before bed everynight for a week!

BUT there are 64 lunchboxes to go before the end of the school year.  So I decided to search for some inspiration.

(I am sure my child is tired of cheese sandwiches by now!)

consumer healthCheck out our Consumer Health database:  there are interesting articles on the topic of lunch.

Here are some fun lunch titles from our catalogue:

Lunch Lessons: changing the way we feed our children

Best lunch box ever: ideas & recipes for school lunches kids will love

Beating the lunch box blues

The lunch box

Vegan lunch box

The world in your lunch box



spring crocus

The seasons are determined by shifting sunlight not heat.  Spring is determined by how our planet orbits the Sun and the tilt of its axis. Spring is marked by the vernal equinox when day and night are each approximately 12 hours long.


How do you celebrate Spring?

Many home owners start pouring over books to plan their upcoming gardening and landscaping projects and get their seeds started for spring planting.

designing gardennitty grittygrpindbreakingLIVING LANDSCAPE


croyalFamilies love to celebrate spring at College Royal the University of Guelph open house . Among the many things to see, there are usually newborn farm animals in the barn and spring flowers in the green house.


Another great way to celebrate is to take part in a Maple Syrup Festival.  Nothing says “spring” better in Ontario than sweet Maple Syrup.maplesyrup



springIf you have young children the Guelph Public Library has a great collection of Spring DVDs  and BOOKs for you to enjoy together.




Is spring is not coming quickly enough for you?                        butterfly                                                          Feel some tropical heat at the Butterfly Conservatory.  From Mar 13th-22nd, you can even eat some bugs!



If you are like me the last “Spring” event you want to partake in is “Spring Cleaning”.    But if you are keen for some help with this task check out these books:

country almanachomade cleanerscreative ideas to organize

  Don’t forget to dispose of your unwanted items in a responsibly.   guelph


Childrens Birthday Party Survival Guide

Some parents live for birthday parties!

For the rest of you, here are my Survivor Tips:

1.  Don’t clean the house before the party (you will be scraping cake off the hardwood long after they all go home)

2.  Keep the party to two hours max. (longer than that, kids get bored and you may have to pull out the old juggling skills from the ’80s)

3.  Food.  Any kind.

4.  If all else fails, DANCE.  Dance Party is my go-to activity with my kids for distracting them when bored, silly, disagreeing, rooting through the garbage can after the leftover cake, etc etc.  Even babies can do it (although they might just look like they are waiving at you).

check out some of these dance titles for kids:

Baby Dance!

Sing and Dance with Barney

Dance to the music!

Kids disco dance party

Sesame Street.  Sing & Dance.

The Wiggles.  You make me feel like Dancing.





eCookbooks are free to borrow from you library.

I know that many people covet their own cookbook collection but eCookbooks are a great way to browse a new cookbook or just try a few recipes from a cookbook you might consider borrowing from the library or purchasing for you own collection.

Here are some of the newest titles in our 3M Cloud Library.

betty crockerfresh essentialparty popcornanti inflambar tinegreens and grainsprune

Need help getting started with ebooks?  You can access printable PDF format documents on how to use GPL 3M eBooks with your eReader or tablet and go to the 3M “ Support Page ” for help with 3M books.