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Teen Creative Cupcake Challenge


Start your summer vacation with fun by coming to the Main Library on July 2nd at 2:30pm to decorate and enter your cupcake creation. Cupcakes and decorations will be supplied on a first come first serve basis.  This event is for people in grades 7 & up. Bring your library card and ideas to this fun program!

Summer party ideas


Summer is one of the best times to have friends over for drinks and to catch up. The library has great books full of ideas on party themes, kids parties, and enough BBQ books to keep you going all summer long without a repeat meal.
  • retro bbqFor me the best thing about summer is being able to cook and eat outside. I love everything grilled in the summer, meat, sea food, vegetables, you name it and I’ll grill it. Here are three of the books I’ll be cooking from this summer. On the grill by Willie Cooper, The new vegetarian grill by Andrea Chesman and Weber’s new real grilling by Jamie Purviance.
  • Summer-Lemonade-Party1Summer time is great for getting the kids out of the house and having fun in the sun. You can have some great parties like the lemonade party pictured to the right or a summer beach party with a slip and slide and beach themed food. Check out some of these books for party ideas The party book by Jane Bull, Great parties for kids by Rose Hammick or Pink ponies cookbook by Barbara Beery.
  • cocktail partyIf you have a backyard, garden cocktail parties are a must on weekend in the summer. You can do themes like a grown up version on the lemonade party, a sangria party, or really anything you want. Take a look at these cocktail books for some party inspiration. Cocktail parties with a twist by Alexandra Angel, Cocktail parties, straight up! by Lauren Purcell and Retro cocktails: shake it baby! by Kate Maseley.



The landscaping of your property can say a lot about who you are and what people can expect when they enter your home. If your lawn is perfectly manicured with perfect gardens that have no weeds and there is a nice flow to the garden, people are going to expect that the interior of your home is the same.
about_landscape_yardLandscaping might seem like a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing. Enlisting the help of a Landscape architect can help you get the look you want but with professional input. Once you have a plan for your garden you can take a few years to get it just right, know that unless you are wiling to spend a lot of money to get mature trees and shrubs your garden will take a few years to mature into the desired look.
These books will help you achieve an exterior that matches the flow of your interior
Hillside landscaping by Susan Lang
Beyond the lawn by Keith Davitt
Landscape makeovers by Kathy Barberich
Ultimate guide to outdoor projects
landscaping with fruit by Lee Reich

Rainy day fun


Summer for most kids is the best part of the year. Unfortunately not everyday can be spent outside in the sun. Here are some cool rainy day ideas to keep your kids entertained when it’s raining.
  • blanket fortBuild a blanket fort to have lunch in or watch a movie. I remember building forts in front of the TV as a kid and having finger foods for lunch, it was always a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. You don’t even have to watch a movie in it, half the fun is just building the fort. Come check out some of the great kids movies we have for rent at the library.
  • 200373193-001Rainy days are great for getting the kids in the kitchen to help you make a special rainy day treat. This also teaches them how to safely prepare food for when they are older and teach them about healthy nutrition. You could make umbrella-shaped rice crispy treats, tea sandwiches to eat in your fort, or monster cookies. For monster cookies start with your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and instead of chocolate chips put things like coloured chocolate candies, gummies and anything else you think might be good in a cookie.
  • Crafting365_headCrafts are a great way to spend a day inside but coloring and painting can be over done. Try going to the dollar store or the on sale bin at your local craft store and getting some craft supplies that you keep hidden and only use during rainy days. This will make craft time on rainy days extra special, you can even do a different craft every time it rains.
  • gplThe library is a great place to come and spend a rainy afternoon reading. Check out some of these books to read at home or the library on a rainy day. Soggy Saturday by Phyllis Root, And then it rained, and then the sun came out by Crescent Dragonwagon, Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson, and I love the rain by Margaret Bridges.
Don’t forget to come check out all the cool summer programs we will have at all of our locations this summer. You can see what we have going on every day by checking out our Events calendar.

Kitchen gadgets

Latest Kitchen Gadgets 2012
The kitchen gadget, you get so excited when you read about it in the latest issue of a food magazine and race out to buy it only to use it once or twice before forgetting about it. We are all guilty of getting or giving a kitchen gadget that goes unused for years. They mainly go unused because they are designed to do one specific job in the kitchen and nothing else or they were an impulse buy, used in one recipe that was good but not worth making again for one reason or another.
Kitchen-Tools-and-GadgetsI say it’s high time to start using those neglected kitchen gadgets like bread makers, and crock pots again! As for the smaller gadgets why not host a swap at home. It’s just like a clothing swap but instead your friends bring new or gently used kitchen gadgets to swap over the night. You might have something that could be really usefull to a friend and not even know it.
Here are some books to help you start using those kitchen gadgets again.
The Italian slow cooker by Michele Scicolone
The French slow cooker by Michele Scicolone
Art of the slow cooker by Andrew Schloss
Canada’s best bread machine backing recipes by Donna Washburn
125 best gluten-free bread machine recipes by Donna Washburn
Rustic European bread from your bread machine by Linda West Eckhardt

Road trip

Everyone should do a road trip at least once in their lives. It doesn’t have to be a life altering trip from coast to coast that takes months, even a small road trip for a long weekend can still be a great getaway.
road trip 1Road trips are a great way to explore your own country and find out interesting things about your neighboring province. My boyfriend and I went on a road trip a few years ago to Nova Scotia and had a blast. We took 2 weeks to drive out there and see as much of the province as we could. We found this cool statue in Windsor Nova Scotia of a prize-winning pumpkin and the person who grew it, we also learned that they host a pumpkin regatta every year. We also went up to the Cabot Trail and learned about coal mining in North Sydney and took a tour of the historical Fortress Louisbourg.
Check out some of these titles to inspire you to take a road trip and explore your own backyard.
Northern Ontario by Carmine Minutillo
Along Interstate 75 by Dave Hunter
Backroad mapbooks; Northern Ontario by Carmine Minutillo