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About gplapril

Hi my name is April and I work at the Guelph Public Library. When not working I like to keep my two small children busy!


a what??

Its a pie nestled inside a cake and baked to gooey amazingness.  How exciting!  AND Easy to do at home.

See my picture for a home made example.  Easy to imagine this as an Easter Dessert!



We used a quality store purchased raspberry pie and made the chocolate cake from scratch.  I easily say “we” but my sister did all the cooking while I screeched “are you sure this is going to work?!”  Not only did it work but it turned out amazing!

The library has a beautiful selection of cookbooks from which you could choose a scrumptious cake recipe for your very own piecaken.  Just imagine the possibilities…

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check out this amazing blog for more info:





Domestic Peacekeeping

At times all parents have to break up tussles between the kids, but how do we teach them to really love and appreciate each other?  I found some of these to be helpful with my little ones:

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And our own favorite:

what brothers




A New You

Try beating the cold weather blahs by re-arranging the furniture to open up and brighten up your space at home!  I gave my living room a refreshing makeover and the space now makes me feel energized when I walk in.  Its like a new me!

Wikipedia defines feng shui as a  “philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment”.

Try some of our resources!

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Cooler weather? Curl up at home with a good book!

Find your Next Read here!

next reads

Next reads provides regular reading suggestions to your mailbox based on your choice of genre.  I look forward to my science fiction list every month!


Novelist Plus is a fun tool to help you find reading material for your whole household.  Searchable by adult child teen and in-between!


This one will get the kids excited about new titles.

So many choices!  so little time!

Once you have decided what to read don’t forget to contact your closest GPL to request the titles.






Join this fun food trend and turn your veggies into beautiful and tasty dishes you have never tried before!  Great for gluten-free diets too!

check out these library titles:

inspiralized  spiralized kitchen

have a read through these sites:

watch a video: