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It’s Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month!  In honor of this celebration I wrote my own poem about the Guelph Public Library:

Library is home

I lose myself in novels

Explore. Connect. Thrive.

The poem I wrote is an example of a haiku. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven, and the last line has five syllables again. I learned how to write a haiku and other styles of  poetry back in elementary school, however, I don’t really remember the technicalities of these poetry styles anymore. Luckily, I was looking through the many programs that the Guelph Public Library puts on and came across this program that runs on April 3rd:

Poetry as Play: Inspiration, Ideas, and Spontaneity program image

In this workshop, you can learn to play with words, participate in writing exercises, practice writing poems – plus try out different subjects and ideas. The event is hosted by author Marianne Micros who has written many books such as: Four women : Colleen Thibaudeau, Penn Kemp, Marianne Micros, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Seventeen Trees, and The Creative Circus Book all available at the University of Guelph’s Library or through interlibrary loan.






Spring Cleaning


I know, I know, didn’t we just do spring cleaning a few months ago? Well time moves fast and it’s time to do it again. This year I want to focus on decluttering my home and organizing the stuff I keep so it looks better.
Here are some great books to help get you going on decluttering and organizing your home, and one that is just really funny.
My boyfriend barfed in my handbag … and other things that you can’t ask Martha by Jolie Kerr (This one is really funny)
Clutterfree with kids by Joshua Becker
What’s a disorganized person to do? by Stacy Platt
Molly Maid cleaning handbook
Greening your cleaning by Deirdre Imus
Cleaning: plain and simple by Donna Small



a what??

Its a pie nestled inside a cake and baked to gooey amazingness.  How exciting!  AND Easy to do at home.

See my picture for a home made example.  Easy to imagine this as an Easter Dessert!



We used a quality store purchased raspberry pie and made the chocolate cake from scratch.  I easily say “we” but my sister did all the cooking while I screeched “are you sure this is going to work?!”  Not only did it work but it turned out amazing!

The library has a beautiful selection of cookbooks from which you could choose a scrumptious cake recipe for your very own piecaken.  Just imagine the possibilities…

51AYuXCMzUL__SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ 51MzzQpa-VL__SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ 751080 cake mix dr chocolate cake perfect cakes



check out this amazing blog for more info:




Paper Crafting

It’s lovely to think that something as simple and commonplace as paper can be used to create such a variety of lovely gifts, decorations, and craft projects.  The GPL has some stunning books to show you how it’s done!


Exquisite paper flowers

home paper scissors

Paper flowers