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Fall is fast approaching


Fall is fast approaching and I’m starting to plan out some nice hearty fall meals. I’m looking forward to having the oven on and sitting down to a nice hot meal full of roasted meat, fall vegetables and pies. As I’ve mentioned before fall is my favorite time of year and I start to look forward to it when local corn is sold at the grocery store.
I feel fall is the best time of year because the days are warm and the nights are cool and there is also so much to do in the fall. Fall fairs are a great place to go for food, to see a tractor pull and to take in all the amazing animal shows. Fall is also great for haunted things, after all Halloween is my favorite holiday. Everything takes on a creepy vibe the closer you get to Halloween and one of the best places to go for some scary fun is Snyders Family Farm, they turn their barn and corn mazes into frightening amusements for only the truly brave.
Here are some of my favorite fall cookbooks.
Pies and Tarts by Kristina Peterson Migaya
Teeny’s tour of pie by Teeny Lamothe
Pies: sweet and savory by Caroline Bretherten
The four and Twenty blackbirds pie book by Emily Elsen (Ebook)
 The soup sisters cookbook
50 simple soups for the slow cooker by Lynn Alley
A beautiful bowl of soup by Paulette Mitchell (Ebook)
William-Sonoma soup of the day by Kate McMillian
Low and slow by Robert Briggs
All about roasting by Molly Stevens
A bird in the oven and then some by Mindy Fox
The roasted vegetable by Andrea Chesman



I’ve decided I’m going to train for another half-marathon, I might not run in a race but I want to be able to do the distance in under 3 hours. It’s been two years since I ran my first half-marathon and I’ve taken a break from running over the winter and I’ve started back up again with the nicer weather and now I’m itching to have a run bib pinned to my shirt or just to run the miles in a certain time.
Here are some great resources that you can check out of the library if you are looking to start your marathon career or to beat your personal best.
Marathons of the world by Hugh Jones
Marathon and half-marathon running by Ben Kaplan
Run your first marathon by Grete Waitz
Marathon woman by Kathrine Switzer



Flower arrangments


Are you looking to do something with the beautiful blooms you have in your garden, or wanting to add more colour and life to your home, then you should try flower arranging. This can be a great hobby for those who like the artistic flare that comes with arranging your own flowers. You can do so much more than just putting flowers in a vase, you can arrange them in wood container (Pictured above), make amazing wreaths out of them, or create stunning large scale arrangements.
Here are some books that will help you get started on your arranging path.
Decorate with flowers by Holly Becker
Flower arranging by Fiona Bafnett
Flowers chic & cheap by Carlos Mota
Wreaths and bouquets by Paula Pryke
Five-minute florist by Bo Niles
The new book of wedding flowers by Joanne O’Sullivan
A master guide to the art of floral design by Alison A. de Jong-Stout
Still want to arrange flowers but don’t have a garden? Flowers Direct is a great place to order fresh flowers.

Lunch on the go

Businesswoman in cubicle using laptop and eating salad

I know many of you eat your lunch at your desk, even now I’m writing this and eating my bean salad from my desk. Everyone is guilty of this. But is it healthy for us?
Here are 5 reasons not to eat at your desk.
1) You eat more: because you are not taking the time to focus on your food and enjoy it, you are less likely to remember eating it or keep track of how much you’ve had to eat. As a result, the hormone leptin is often late in signaling the brain that it’s time to stop eating, this means that you need to eat more to get the same satisfied feeling you would have had you left your desk.
2)You make poor food choices: People who eat at their desks are more likely to be eating high caloric and salty frozen meals or graze on junk food from the vending machine. The more calories you intake the more you have to burn off to keep from gaining weight.
junkfood3) You end up sitting longer: Everyone knows that sitting too much is bad for your health. By walking to a park or restaurant you are increasing the amount of physical activity you get in a day. Even standing to eat at your desk is better for you than sitting and eating.
4) You brainstorming becomes less effective: By removing yourself from the problem for a while your brain is free to make associations that it wouldn’t normally make because of the extra stimulation. By taking a walk when you are stuck you are more likely to come up with a solution to the problem than if you stay sitting in your chair.
5) You miss out on socializing: Being social is good for your happiness and your health. One study from MIT found that office workers who socialize tend to be around 10% more productive than those who don’t.
Not sure what to do on your lunch break if you don’t want to sit at your desk? Take a walk down to your local library and check out some of the cool books, movies and activities that are going on. I bet you will find something that interests you at the library.



Did you know that the library has video games that you can borrow? We have Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 games that can be borrowed for one week at a time and renewed up to 3 times if no one has put a hold on it.
Here are just some of the cool video games that we have.
The legend of Zelda skyward sword
Super Mario Galaxy
Little Big Plant 2
Madden NFL 12
Batman Arkham Origins 
Star Wars
LEGO Batman
LEGO Harry Potter
NBA 2K14
NHL 14