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Let’s Talk Science Family Event

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Science Rendezvous

Date:  Saturday, May 9, 2015                                 Start: 10:00AM    End: 3:00PM

Location:  The Guelph Public Library,  100 Norfolk Street

Are you looking for a fun weekend activity to do with the family? Well we’ve got the activity for you. Come to Science Rendezvous hosted by Let’s Talk Science at the Guelph Public Library! This is a one-day event offering fun, hands-on activities such as our angry avian activity – plus we’ll be showcasing some interactive activities for children of all ages!


Planting a garden

garden_StartNow that I have a yard I’m thinking about planting my fist garden around my front porch. I know nothing about gardens and my planters last year survived about a month before they withered and died. This spring I’m doing it right by reading up on what to plant and when to plant it.
Here are some of the great books to help novice gardeners like myself get planting.
The city gardeners handbook by Linda Yang
What grows here? by Jim Hole
Gardening Basics
The first-time garden specialist
Rodale’s basic organic gardening by Deborah Martin
The nitty-gritty gardening book by Kari A. Cornell
Planting a garden in spring by Jenna Lee Gleisna
The 20-30 something garden guide by Dee Nash




The Tiny House

I have always been fascinated by Tiny Houses.  Have a look at what can be done in such small spaces.


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Click here to see an amazing photo collection of Tiny Houses (my fav is the Tree house!)

To learn about some tiny house activity in Canada, check out this blog  and take a tiny house tour in this article.  Meet Tiny Home owners in this video.

GPL’s Canadian Reference Centre  canadian-reference-centre  has some interesting reading on the topic.

As children my best friend and I played a game where we would draw out our dream houses…whats in your dream Tiny House?



SPLASH! Rainy day books for little ones

I never liked going out in the rain until I became the parent of a young child.  One of our favorite rainy day activities was to put on rubber boots, walk in the rain and look for the biggest puddles we could to splash in.  After we were wet and tired we would head home to warm up and read books.


rain 3 rain1  rain4rain5

rain6 rain7


For more rainy day reads go to:logo-gpl-kids

2015 Food Trends

When ordering cookbooks for the library collection I look at food trends.    Here are some predictions from The Canadian Press, Food trends of 2015: veggies as the main, fermented foods, mangoes, local grains, By: Lois Abraham.

Registered dietitian Christy Brissette sees Canadians opting for more locally sourced grains, such as Red Fife, a heritage wheat that originated in the Peterborough, Ont., area. It’s slightly lower in gluten than other types of whole wheat and a little higher in fibre.     “But people are even taking it a step further and milling their own grains — so getting a little grain mill, going to the farmers market and getting these locally sourced grains in their whole form and milling it so that they know you’re actually getting the entire grain versus has the bran been separated, has any of the nutrition been extracted from it.”

Other potential food trends in 2015:                                                                                                 -“Pie is starting to be the new cupcake,” says Van Rosendaal                                                        -Using grated beasn-the dark, dried, wrinkly legumes that smell like almond and vanilla in baking                                                                                                                                                  -Waffles served with fried or butter chicken, or used in place of a bun                         -Popcorn dusted with creative flavours like toasted coriander and citrus zest, or chillies and honey                                                                                                                                              -Craft cocktails will continue to boom in restaurants, bars and at home                      -Further down the raod Couvelier predicts tea will become trendy as an ingredient.  Tea can be used as a marinade of a kooking liquid to poach vegetables, fish or chicken or it can be used in desserts

To read the full article click here

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