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Spotlight On: Liane Moriarty

indexHave you ever read a book that you enjoyed so thoroughly that you just had to find more books written by that author? Last year I read the book The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty and let’s just say… the secret is GOOD! When I came down from my high after finishing that masterpiece of a book I immediately searched the Guelph Public Library for any other books written by the Australian wordsmith. To my pleasant discovery the good ol’ GPL had all six of her bestselling books, so naturally, I began my journey on what I like to call “I’m reading all of Liane Moriarty’s books”…succinct and to the point, I think.

So far I have read Big, Little Lies, The Husband’s Secret, and What Alice Forgot and these three books have all captured my attention – front cover to

The Husband's Secret

“Little kids, little problems. Wait till you’ve got drugs and sex and social media to worry about.” ― Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies

back. You’re probably wondering what I like so much about her work; there are a couple elements. To being with, I enjoy the way she effortlessly transitions from the present story being told, to glimpses of the past like in The Husband’s Secret or What Alice Forgot or to the future like Big, Little Lies.  Generally, I don’t enjoy this style of writing, but Moriarty writes the transition in such a way that the jumps between time act as clues to how the story develops, and thus the story naturally plays out like a mystery novel.


What Alice Forgot Cover AustraliaThat being said, the element that I truly enjoy about her writing is the way that Moriarty captures the tiny nuances of everyday life. I found her characters to have depth and to have relatable issues that many of us can relate to (moms… am I right?). She provides details about relationships, family logistics and introspection that make you want to snap your fingers and say “Preach!” without all those details feeling cumbersome.  I promise you’ll enjoy these novels and that you, too, will begin your “I’m reading all of Liane Moriarty’s books” journey.

Hypnotist's Love Story                  The Last Anniversary                        Three Wishes


Top 10 lists of 2015

top 20, 10, 5

With 2015 now over I thought it would be fun to ask the staff here at the Guelph Public Library what some of their favourite books, cd’s, movies and other cool things were this year. Everything on these list can be found either in the library or online through our eResources.

Top 10 kids books

Leo: a ghost story by Mac Barnett
Everyone loves bacon by Kelly DiPucchio
I don’t like Koala by Sean Ferrell
The Princess and the pony by Kate Beaton
Wolfie the bunny by Ame Dyckman
The Skunk by Mac Barnett
Where’s the Pair? by Britta Teckentrup
Lenny and Lucy by Philip C. Stead
The Only Child by Guojing
Imaginary Fred by Edin Colfer

Top 10 fiction

Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick DeWitt
The Hours Count by Jillian Cantor
Dietland by Sarai Walker
The kind worth killing by Peter Swanson
City on fire by Garth Hallberg
The Turner house by Angela Flournay
The death and life of Zebulon Finch by Daniel Kraus
The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins
Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff
A little life by Hanya Yanaghara

Top 10 non-fiction

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray by Robert Schnakenberg
The home reference to holistic health and healing by Brigitte Mars
Hunger makes me a modern girl by Corrie Brownstein
Trashed by Derf
Between the world and me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
I’ll never wright my memoirs by Grade Jones
So you’ve been publicly shamed by JonRonson
The Road to Little Dribbling by  Bill Bryson
Shift Work by Tie Domi
Open Heart, Open Mind by Clara Hughes

Top 10 cookbooks

Good Housekeeping Fun Food Fast
Thug Kitchen: Party grub
Milk bar life by Christina Tosi
Simply Nigella by Nigella Lawson
Le French Oven by Hillary Davis
Food52 genius food by Kristen Miglore
The Geeky Chef Cookbook by Cassandra Reeder
Sweet, savory, and sometimes boozy cupcakes by Alison Riede
Seven Spoons by Tara O’Brady
Per la Famiglia by Emily Richards

Top 10 CD’s (H-available on Hoopla)

Are you alone? -Majical Cloudz
Sound and Colour – Alabama Shakes
The magic whip – Blur (H)
If I should go before you – City and Colour (H)
Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit – Courtney Barnett
 Ghost notes – Veruca Salt (H)
Honeymoon – Lana Del Rey (H)
Heartbreaker of the year – Whitney Rose (H)

Top 10DVD’s

The Knick (TV series)
Red Army
Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation
Inside Out
The Martian
Mad Max: Fury Road
Ex Machina
Jurassic World

A handmade Holiday

The holidays are almost upon us and I’m sure most of you have started or are thinking about doing some holiday crafting. I know I like to bake holiday cookies to give as gifts but I would also like to make other things as well like, sweaters and homemade bath products. Giving handmade gifts over the holidays is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care for them.
Do you have all your crafts done? If not, don’t fret there is still time to get all your crafts finished. I’ve made a few list of books that I like to use from the library to help you make a wonderful handmade holiday season. Check out the catalogue for more titles.
Sweet Christmas by Sharon Bowers
Christmas baking by Mia Ohrn
Handmade gifts from the kitchen by Alison Walker
Handmade gifts by Hannah Moore
Prettylittle presents
Gifts for kids to make by Cheryl Owen
Last minute knitted gifts by Joelle Hoverson
Heirloom Christmas stockings in cross-stitch
Winter knitting by Katarina Rosen

Mystery & Suspense with Les Mesdames of Mayhem

MysteryandSuspense_2015Join Les Mesdames of Mayhem for a lively afternoon of mystery and suspense. This collective of award-winning Canadian authors will discuss writing, the current climate for authors and publishing, why write crime, what is it about women and mystery, and many other topics, as well as read from their work.
Looking for a good mystery read now? Check out on of theses great titles.
Haitian graves by Vicki Delany (Les Mesdames of Mayhem)
The artful goddaughter by Melodie Campbell (Les Mesdames of Mayhem)
The witch of Babylon by D. J. McIntosh (Les Mesdames of Mayhem)
Dishing the dirt by M. C. Beaton
In like Flynn by Rhys Bowen
Killer in the kitchen by Jessica Fletcher

Cooler weather? Curl up at home with a good book!

Find your Next Read here!

next reads

Next reads provides regular reading suggestions to your mailbox based on your choice of genre.  I look forward to my science fiction list every month!


Novelist Plus is a fun tool to help you find reading material for your whole household.  Searchable by adult child teen and in-between!


This one will get the kids excited about new titles.

So many choices!  so little time!

Once you have decided what to read don’t forget to contact your closest GPL to request the titles.






halloweenAs I’m sure you know by know, Halloween is my favourite holiday. I know you might be thinking that October 14th is too early to start thinking about Halloween, but like most children I’ve been getting excited since the first day of school. I live for Halloween, I can’t wait to dress my baby up in a cute little costume next year and read scary stories to him when he’s older.
If you are looking for a list of scary stories to enjoy with your little ghost and goblin this Halloween then look no further! Here is a list of my favourite Halloween stories for children.


What to eat when pregnant or How I scared myself into thinking I could no longer eat like a normal person

foods to avoidWhen I found out I was pregnant my first thought was, what will I eat now? I have a lot of food allergies and I knew what I could eat might not be safe anymore like sushi and soft cheese. Images, like the one above scared me, soy and wheat are in almost everything along with MSG.
So I did some research on the internet. I don’t recommend doing that it only took me to dark scary places where I was bombarded with so many articles about eat this not that, this is bad for you in this article but good for you in this one. I came away very confused, was I supposed to eat fish or not, was wheat good or bad, and what happens if I accidently eat a nut? Plus I don’t know about you but I had morning sickness all day long some days and all I could keep down was Cheerios but then felt bad because I might have been doing some serious harm to my unborn child.
I finally gave up on the internet, I talked to my midwife who cleared up a lot of misconception’s for me and gave me some good books to look at. Turns out if I have wheat and soy my children will be just fine.
The library has some amazing cookbooks that my midwife recommended I take a look at.
Here are the titles I’m currently enjoying. Make sure to talk to your care provider before making sweeping dietary changes.
The everything paleo pregnancy book by Tarah Chieffi
What to eat when you’re pregnant by Nicole M. Avena
Full belly by Tara Desmond
The vegan pregnancy cookbook by Lorena Ball
Feed the belly by Frances Largeman-Roth
I’m pregnant! Now what do I eat? by Hope Ricciotti
The complete organic pregnancy by Deirdre Dolan