spring crocus

The seasons are determined by shifting sunlight not heat.  Spring is determined by how our planet orbits the Sun and the tilt of its axis. Spring is marked by the vernal equinox when day and night are each approximately 12 hours long.


How do you celebrate Spring?

Many home owners start pouring over books to plan their upcoming gardening and landscaping projects and get their seeds started for spring planting.

designing gardennitty grittygrpindbreakingLIVING LANDSCAPE


croyalFamilies love to celebrate spring at College Royal the University of Guelph open house . Among the many things to see, there are usually newborn farm animals in the barn and spring flowers in the green house.


Another great way to celebrate is to take part in a Maple Syrup Festival.  Nothing says “spring” better in Ontario than sweet Maple Syrup.maplesyrup



springIf you have young children the Guelph Public Library has a great collection of Spring DVDs  and BOOKs for you to enjoy together.




Is spring is not coming quickly enough for you?                        butterfly                                                          Feel some tropical heat at the Butterfly Conservatory.  From Mar 13th-22nd, you can even eat some bugs!



If you are like me the last “Spring” event you want to partake in is “Spring Cleaning”.    But if you are keen for some help with this task check out these books:

country almanachomade cleanerscreative ideas to organize

  Don’t forget to dispose of your unwanted items in a responsibly.   guelph



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