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It’s never too late to join a library book club

Looking for a new fall activity?


Join a Guelph Public Library Book Club.

There are a variety of book clubs available at different locations, including  a LGBTQ Lit club, Men’s club, Cook book club and 20 something club.

Check out our 2015-2016 regular season schedule for titles and dates.

How do I join?

By subscribing to the appropriate email communications and visiting the branch where the club is hosted to pick up the next book.

If you have any questions about the GPL hosted book clubs or the Book Club Service contact 519-824-6220 ext 314 or



What to eat when pregnant or How I scared myself into thinking I could no longer eat like a normal person

foods to avoidWhen I found out I was pregnant my first thought was, what will I eat now? I have a lot of food allergies and I knew what I could eat might not be safe anymore like sushi and soft cheese. Images, like the one above scared me, soy and wheat are in almost everything along with MSG.
So I did some research on the internet. I don’t recommend doing that it only took me to dark scary places where I was bombarded with so many articles about eat this not that, this is bad for you in this article but good for you in this one. I came away very confused, was I supposed to eat fish or not, was wheat good or bad, and what happens if I accidently eat a nut? Plus I don’t know about you but I had morning sickness all day long some days and all I could keep down was Cheerios but then felt bad because I might have been doing some serious harm to my unborn child.
I finally gave up on the internet, I talked to my midwife who cleared up a lot of misconception’s for me and gave me some good books to look at. Turns out if I have wheat and soy my children will be just fine.
The library has some amazing cookbooks that my midwife recommended I take a look at.
Here are the titles I’m currently enjoying. Make sure to talk to your care provider before making sweeping dietary changes.
The everything paleo pregnancy book by Tarah Chieffi
What to eat when you’re pregnant by Nicole M. Avena
Full belly by Tara Desmond
The vegan pregnancy cookbook by Lorena Ball
Feed the belly by Frances Largeman-Roth
I’m pregnant! Now what do I eat? by Hope Ricciotti
The complete organic pregnancy by Deirdre Dolan


Enjoying Autumn

autumnFall begins today, September 23rd,  at 4:21 A.M (ET).                                                                      Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Autumn in Ontario is one of the greatest shows on earth, from the colour of the trees to the fall harvest, there are so many ways to enjoy it.

cornmRun through a corn maze.



Enjoy the fall harvest by visiting a farm.fallveg



Take a drive in the country.falldrives



Visit an Ontario Provincial Park.Algonquin_Park_Fall_Leaves_2012_OP_3171-700x466

Attend a Fall Fair.fall fair


Use your Library Card at Home!

nextreads cypress zinnio freegal

homeworkhelp3MHoopla Logo Final 1.2Gale

Do you know that your Guelph Public Library Card gives you access to many resources that you can access electronically?

Need a new ringtone for your phone?  Freegal has over 4 thousand ringtones to choose from.  Just search ringtone and select the songs tab.

Looking to improve your skills?  Register for a free Gale Course. You can improve your photography and computer skills.

Trying to reformat your resume? Cyprus Resume creates professional-quality resumes in three easy steps!

Cutting back on your spending?  You have free access to magazines through Zinio.

Stressed with your homework?  Get Live Homework help at

Looking for new books to read this fall?  Sign up for a NextReads newsletter, delivered to your inbox.

Have you just purchased a new tablet, eReader or phone?  Add the 3M and Hoopla apps and you can start reading and listening to books today.


gpl-logo   Not a member yet?  Click here to register.


It’s time to declutter and organize

life changing

Once the summer is over and the kids are back to school I have the itch to do some decluttering and organizing.  I have always wondered if a professional organizer would have some new ideas on how to keep the clutter at bay. If you are looking to hire one, check out Professional Organizers in Canada .

I am currently reading The life-changing magic of tidying up the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.  This book provides practical tips and is based on the idea that possessions are full of feelings and energy.  It provides detailed guidance for determining which items in your house “spark joy”.  I am not sure if I agree with everything in Marie Kon’s book, but I have found a few gems of advice and inspiration to do a “whole house” declutter this fall.

More books to inspire you:

butlerclutter1domestic blissmess






It’s not too late to preserve the harvest

Guelph Farmers market

Even if you don’t have a garden you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for preserving at the Guelph Farmers Market or other local markets.

The Guelph Public Library has a great collection of books to help you.

preserve 1 preserve2preserve3 preserve4preserve5

Preserving by the pint : quick seasonal canning for small spaces by the author of food in jars

Complete canning guide

The apple cookbook : 125 freshly picked recipes

Wisdom for home preservers : 500 tips for pickling, canning, curing, smoking and more

Best of bridge home preserving : 120 recipes for jams, jellies, marmalades, pickles & more.