Let them eat cake … and by them I mean me.


Who doesn’t like cake? They are so easy to make but can make a big statement and people are always so happy to receive a homemade cake.
I’ve made some awesome cakes for birthdays and parties and had some really cool cakes made for me. I remember my mom made me an amazing Peter Rabbit carrot cake for my birthday one year. She made the whole garden out of marzipan and it looked amazing. I made a three layer confetti birthday cake for my dad one year that had homemade rainbow cookie crumbs between the  layers of frosting. Cake making and decorating truly can be an art for.
Here are some of my favorite cake books available from the library.
The boozy baker: 75 recipes for spirited sweets by Lucy Baker
Rose’s heavenly cakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum
The big book of cakes by Betty Crocker
Martha Stewart’s cakes
Saved by cake by Marian Keys
Vintage cakes by Julie Richardson
Cake couture: modern sugar-craft for the stylish baker by  Annie Dam
Booze cakes by Krystina Castella

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