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How to Choose the Right Dog for your Family

Dogs in the Park: How to Choose the Right Dog for your Family program image

Dogs in the Park: How to Choose the Right Dog for your Family

Saturday, May 7, 2016 (2:30 pm – 3:30 pm)                                Main Library

Get off on the right paw with this presentation about picking the right dog for your family! What breed is a good fit for you family? Where should you find your dog? What questions should you ask before your purchase the dog?

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Everything pets

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Pets are a great way to teach your children about responsibility and they make great companions later on in life.
1395439_10153458685465043_1506101668_nWe got our fist dog when I was around 5, he was a full sized tri coloured collie named Trooper. I loved that dog and he taught me a lot about how to behave around dogs, what it meant to be responsible for another living thing and in the end he taught me an important life lesson that everything eventually dies. When we got our second dog, a yellow lab named Chester, I was older and already prepared for what it takes to care for a pet. Now I have my own dog, also a yellow lab, Jenny who has made it on the blog a few times. Over the years my dogs have taught me many valuable lessons and I feel that every child should have some form of a pet to teach them about life and responsibility.
Thinking of getting your child a pet? Check out some of these great books before you add a new member to the family.
Pets: a comprehensive handbook for kids by Frances N. Chrystie
Caring for your pets by Jillian Powell
The complete guide to lost pet prevention and recovery by Joseph Andrew Sapia
Your child’s fist pet by Amy Brayfield
Looking after small pets by David Alderton
Caring for your gerbil by Carol Koopmans
Extreme pets! by Jane Harrington
Fabulous fish by Alvin Silverstein
Rabbits by Kelly MacAulay
The wild side of pet ferrets by Jo Waters



Being a “pet parent”

I don’t know about your house but in ours being a parent also includes being the nurse and general all round caregiver to the household pets.  Last week our dog Hubble had a huge mat in his fur.  Already feeling guilty because he was a couple of weeks overdue for a clipping I took it upon myself to investigate.  On inspection, I discovered that the fur was matted with blood and stuck to his skin.  So as all good mothers would do I cleaned it up; soaking it and clipping fur to reveal a bare spot that required some TLC (Burts Bees Rescue Ointment is my favorite).   I think that seasonal allergies got the best of him and he was doing a lot of scratching.  How did I acquire these pet care skills?  I have owned many pets, listened closely to our vet’s advice, consulted books and used lots of trial and error.  Hubble is now on the mend and has made it to the groomers where she had the vet inspect his skin.

Here is a sampling of the many “pet care” resources that the GPL carries:

Pet emergency first aid set. Cats & dogs. (DVD)

Secret life of your cat : unlock the mysteries of your pet’s behavior

Natural dog care

The Merck/Merial manual for pet health

Natural remedies dogs and cats wish you knew : a holistic care guide

Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

Your child’s first pet : a parent’s guide to ensuring success