Getting away from winter

beach and boatAs January turns into February a lot of people start to get a little cabin fever from being indoors. This is the perfect time to take a vacation from winter and travel to a warm exotic location. Because really who can say they wouldn’t rather be on that beach in the photo above.
The library has some amazing travel books and eResources to help you pick out your dream sunny winter vacation destination.
AtoZ World Travel is the most detailed travel resource for business and leisure travelers for more than 200 world cities. Prepare for your next trip with GPL’s newest travel resource!
Mango includes a variety of resources to help individuals learn practical conversation skills for the world’s most popular languages. Mango is a fun and convenient way to learn a new language. With over two dozen languages offered, popular languages include Russian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. As well, Mango has an ESL tool to engage English language learners.
Check out the libraries selection of Lonely Planet , Fodor’s and Footprint focus books to help you pick a vacation destination that works for you.

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