Beauty tips and tricks

beauty-tips-for-makeupI’m not really a makeup girl, the most I do is put mascara and a bit of tinted lip balm on in the mornings. Don’t get me wrong I love doing my makeup when my husband and I go out on a date or for Halloween but in my daily routine I find it a bit daunting to spend so much time on my makeup when I could be doing other things like making breakfast or doing the lunch prep.
 That being said I would like to learn a few tricks that won’t take more them 5 minutes in the morning so that I don’t look so tired some days.

Here are some amazingly helpful books you can borrow from the library.
Makeup: your guide to beauty, style, and success online and off by Michelle Phan
10-minute makeup by Boris Entrup
The makeup wakeup: revitalizing your look @ any age by Lois Joy Johnson
Bobbi Brown makeup manual by Bobbi Brown
Toss the gloss: beauty tips, tricks, and truths for women 50+ by Andrea Q. Robinson



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