Summer salads

summer salad

Summer is the perfect time to eat salad for dinner, if you are like me you don’t want to be eating hot meals in the heat. Salads can be way more than just a side dish in the summer, there are many hearty salads out there that can stand alone as a meal.
Here are some of my favorite Summer Salads
Deli Chickpea Salad
Lobster salad with new potatoes and pickled onion
Big Daddy’s grilled blue cheese-and-bacon potato salad 
BBQ chicken salad
Grilled chicken Cobb salad
Check out these great salad books.
Cooking light: big book of salads
Salad for dinner: complete meals for all seasons by Jeanne Thiel Kelly
Salads: delicious recipes for a healthy life by Elena Balashova
Healthy salads from Southeast Asia by Bhumichity Vatcharin
Salads as a meal: healthy main-dish salads for every season by Patricia Wells
Salad dressing 101: dressings for all occasions
The Harrowsmith salad garden by Turid Forsyth






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