Playing outside


With all this amazing weather we’ve been having and are going to continue having I thought it would be good to do a post on Playing outside.
When you ask any kid what their favorite part of spring and summer is I can guarantee it will have something to do with being outside. Whether it’s play in your own backyard or going camping with your family, the great out doors is a prominent part of every kids summer.
Not sure what to do outside or looking for a new activity? Try one of these ones.
  • Make sidewalk chalk and then use it on the driveway and sidewalk
  • Create a racing game and have prizes for the winners. You could even do a backyard Olympics
  • Play Hopscotch as a grouphopscotch1
  • Put up a basketball net or use the ones at a school to play a few games
  • Road hockey is always a popular activity in my neighborhood
  • Make a scavenger hunt scavenger hunt
Check out these great books to get some more ideas.
Fun at the park by Ruth Owen
Let’s Play hopscotch by Sarah Hughes
Basketball for fun by Brian Eule
Sidewalk chalk by Jamie Kyle McGillian
Buried treasure by Saviour Pirotta

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