Good dog … or how I plan to get my dog to be good.


This is my dog Jenny. Normally she is a sweet well behaved dog but clearly she still needs some work. She ate 6 muffins off the counter that I had left out in my rush to get to work. Thinking she couldn’t get them I didn’t worry too much, after all she had left the scones there that I made the week before. Part way through the work day my husband emailed me this picture asking if the wire rack had anything on it. Sadly my muffins for the week are now gone and I have a full dog to go home to.
Here are some of the many dog training materials that the Guelph Public Library offers.
Drool school family dog training (DVD)
The dog whisperer by Paul Owens
Cesar’s rules by Cesar Millan
Training the hard to train dog by Peggy O. Swager
Living with your dog: basic training part 1 &2 (DVD)
Dog University by Viviane Theby
So your dogs not Lassie by Betty Fisher

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