Children’s Catalogue

kids catalogue

Did you know the Guelph Public Library has a Children’s Catalogue? You can get to it from our catalogue by clicking on the Kid’s Catalogue button at the top left hand corner of the catalogue page, or you can click on one of the Children’s Catalogue images here. There you will find an easy to use catalogue for children.

kid's catalogue2

Kid’s can search by clicking on a topic that they wish to know more about. Topics include animals, machines, science, the arts, people, sports, holidays, and places. When you click on a topic it takes you to a new page where the child can limit their search further. For example if the child would like to learn about animals they click on animals and that takes them to the next page where they can pick between a few animal sub-genres such as farm animals, pets, zoo animals, etc. From there the child is presented with a list of animals that they can learn about.
helpIf you need help while you are on the catalogue just lick on the help caterpillar.

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