Getting baby to sleep


We’ve had a small baby boom here at the library so I thought I would do a post on all the great resources we have to help get your baby sleeping.
I make no claims that any of the theories or practices in these books work because I don’t have kids, but they keep going out so they must work in some way.
Helping baby sleep: the science and practice of gentle bedtime parenting by Anni Gethin
The 90-minute baby sleep program: follow your child’s natural sleep rhythms for better nights and naps by Polly Moore
Itsy bitsy yoga: poses to help your baby sleep longer, digest better, and grow stronger by Helen Garabedian
12 hours’ sleep by 12 weeks old: a step-by-step plan for baby sleep success by Suzy Giordano
the no-cry sleep solution: gentle ways to help your baby sleep through the night by Elizabeth Pantley
The baby sleep book: the complete guide to a good nights rest for the whole family

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