Labor Day

labor day

Happy Labour Day! I though it would be fun to post some facts about Labor day.
  • Labour Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in September in Canada since the 1880’s.
  • The origins of Labour Day in Canada can be traced back to December 1872 when a parade was staged in support of the Toronto Typographical Union’s strike for a 58-hour work-week.
  • Although the laws criminalizing union activity were outdated and had already been abolished in Great Britain, they were still on the books in Canada and police arrested 24 leaders of the Typographical Union. This resulted in Labour leaders deciding to call another similar demonstration on September 3rd to protest the arrests.
  • Labour Day parades and picnics are organised by unions, many Canadians regard Labour Day as the last long weekend of summer. Non-union celebrations include picnics, fireworks displays, water activities, and public art events.
Want to know more about Labor Day? Check out one of these titles.
The workers; festival: a history of Labor Day in Canada by Craig Heron
Labor Day by J.A. Morrison

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