Lawn care

summer lawn

Summer is here and the heat paired with the lack of water can do a number on your lawn. We’ve been lucky so far this year to have had so much rain and not a lot of scorcher days but the summer just started.
Here are some tips on keeping your lawn green this summer without wasting water.
  •  Adding compost to your soil will increase the soil’s capacity to absorb and hold moisture.
  • Leave your grass about 2 inches long when mowing. Shorter grass needs more water to stay green during a hot summer.
  •  Eliminate weeds. They compete with grass and other plants for water, plus who want’s a yard full of weeds? 
  •  Mulching around trees and gardens will help hold the water in so you can use less.
  •  Water your lawn in the early morning or late evening.
  •  Water only as needed. Most people over water, healthy lawns need 1 to 2 inches per week.
Here are some books that can help you create a healthy lawn that will make it through the summer looking great.
The organic lawn care manual by Paul Turkey
The Everything lawn care book by Douglas Green
Smart yard by Jeff Ball
Ultimate guide to outdoor projects
Lawn care for dummies by Lance Walheim

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