Summer party ideas


Summer is one of the best times to have friends over for drinks and to catch up. The library has great books full of ideas on party themes, kids parties, and enough BBQ books to keep you going all summer long without a repeat meal.
  • retro bbqFor me the best thing about summer is being able to cook and eat outside. I love everything grilled in the summer, meat, sea food, vegetables, you name it and I’ll grill it. Here are three of the books I’ll be cooking from this summer. On the grill by Willie Cooper, The new vegetarian grill by Andrea Chesman and Weber’s new real grilling by Jamie Purviance.
  • Summer-Lemonade-Party1Summer time is great for getting the kids out of the house and having fun in the sun. You can have some great parties like the lemonade party pictured to the right or a summer beach party with a slip and slide and beach themed food. Check out some of these books for party ideas The party book by Jane Bull, Great parties for kids by Rose Hammick or Pink ponies cookbook by Barbara Beery.
  • cocktail partyIf you have a backyard, garden cocktail parties are a must on weekend in the summer. You can do themes like a grown up version on the lemonade party, a sangria party, or really anything you want. Take a look at these cocktail books for some party inspiration. Cocktail parties with a twist by Alexandra Angel, Cocktail parties, straight up! by Lauren Purcell and Retro cocktails: shake it baby! by Kate Maseley.

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