Rainy day fun


Summer for most kids is the best part of the year. Unfortunately not everyday can be spent outside in the sun. Here are some cool rainy day ideas to keep your kids entertained when it’s raining.
  • blanket fortBuild a blanket fort to have lunch in or watch a movie. I remember building forts in front of the TV as a kid and having finger foods for lunch, it was always a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. You don’t even have to watch a movie in it, half the fun is just building the fort. Come check out some of the great kids movies we have for rent at the library.
  • 200373193-001Rainy days are great for getting the kids in the kitchen to help you make a special rainy day treat. This also teaches them how to safely prepare food for when they are older and teach them about healthy nutrition. You could make umbrella-shaped rice crispy treats, tea sandwiches to eat in your fort, or monster cookies. For monster cookies start with your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and instead of chocolate chips put things like coloured chocolate candies, gummies and anything else you think might be good in a cookie.
  • Crafting365_headCrafts are a great way to spend a day inside but coloring and painting can be over done. Try going to the dollar store or the on sale bin at your local craft store and getting some craft supplies that you keep hidden and only use during rainy days. This will make craft time on rainy days extra special, you can even do a different craft every time it rains.
  • gplThe library is a great place to come and spend a rainy afternoon reading. Check out some of these books to read at home or the library on a rainy day. Soggy Saturday by Phyllis Root, And then it rained, and then the sun came out by Crescent Dragonwagon, Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson, and I love the rain by Margaret Bridges.
Don’t forget to come check out all the cool summer programs we will have at all of our locations this summer. You can see what we have going on every day by checking out our Events calendar.

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