Kitchen chalkboards


I love the idea of chalkboards in the kitchen. They seem so handy, you can put recipes on them, shopping lists, grocery lists or have your kids make a new piece of art for you every week.
chalkboard2It has become so easy to make anything into a chalkboard now that you can get chalkboard paint at the hardware store, you can even get it tinted. You don’t even have to paint it on, you can get peel and stick panels or shapes that can be removed and placed somewhere else. They don’t even have to be just be in the kitchen they would be great in your office, play area or child’s room.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat I want to do is take and old door with crackled paint and paint the panels with black chalkboard paint. I would love to hang it in my kitchen as a functional artsy piece. It would be a great way for me to work on a shopping list throughout the week and not lose it. If you are interested in making one you can do a Google and search DIY chalkboards.

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