Cooking out of my comfort zone

Here is another installment of Cooking out of your comfort zone. This time I made Martha Stewart’s Buche de Noel for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Cake

I made this gluten-free so that my aunt and I could eat it. It was amazing, everyone loved it and it was so chocolatey. Totally worth the 2 days it took me to make. I did leave out the meringue mushrooms only because I ran out of time but I will do them next year, they looked to cute.
meringue_mushroomsThis cake looked a little intimidating at first because you have to make 3 or 4 different recipes and let things sit between assembly. But it was so worth it. Martha says to cook the cake in a jelly roll pan but a cookie sheet with edges works just a well (I didn’t buy one because I wouldn’t use it enough), follow the same directions and you won’t have any trouble taking it out. At first I was hesitant to roll the cake but it rolled up really well/ The unrolling didn’t go so well, I think because it was gluten-free it was a bit to dry and it broke in half, but the icing covered that and no one knew.
The chocolate mousse turned out perfect and was so nice. I made it with 70% coco chocolate and it was the perfect mix of bitter and sweet. I did ave a little trouble with the chocolate ganache icing, it didn’t want to whip up for me so I let it chill in the fridge for a bout 20 minutes and then it worked perfect. The chocolate splinters were so easy to make and really does make the cake look like it has bark on it. Dust with “snow” for the perfect looking Buche de Noel.
Let us know what you cooked for the holidays that was out of you comfort zone. Leave a comment or email us at

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