New Years Resolutions

The new year is here and for some that means new years resolutions. I know they can be daunting  but trust me they can be kept for a whole year. My goal last year (start of 2012) was to cut out wheat. How did the girl who loves to bake manage to do it you ask? Well I did it by picking a resolution I knew I would see results from fast. I’ve known for a few years that I shouldn’t really be eating wheat, I was having joint pain and stomach problems for a while. I also know that there are great flour substitutions out there now along with great  wheat and gluten free products.
If you will be making a resolution this year here are some tips to help you succeed.
~Make sure your goals have structure. Just saying I will/I want to lose weight won’t make it happen. Come up with a plan that has steps to help you succeed. (e.g. month 1 join a gym, month 2 find a class you love and go to it once a week, etc) If you can go to the gym with a buddy do it, the friendly competition will motivate you.
~ Chose a goal that fits your lifestyle. If you’ve never run a day in your life don’t make your goal to run a marathon. Trust me I run and they are hard. Do a 5K or 10K and make the marathon or half marathon a goal for next year.
~Have fun with your goal! If you are not having fun you won’t want to keep it up.
Book to keep you on track
Weight loss
Fitness DVD’S

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