Cooking out of my comfort zone

To continue my post about cooking out of your comfort zone I have a story about making potato latkes. I love latkes, something about them screams comfort food to me. I think this might be because they are fried potato that you get to put sauces on, who wouldn’t like that?
Because I have a wheat allergy I can’t eat latkes if they are not made with gluten free flour so the Whole Foods ones are out. I finally took the plunge and made them myself. I don’t have a food processor so I had to grate each potato by hand. This is so hard to do, I know why I never did this in the past, it was so hard to keep a good grip on the potato and not grate your knuckles. Once you have grated the potatoes you have to put them in a tea towel and wring out all the moisture. I was surprised by the amount of liquid that came out. The place I had the most trouble was frying them. They turned out perfect it went so well except when I went to flip a larger one. I splashed hot oil all up my arm. My arm looked like I worked on a fry line. I would highly recommend making your own latkes, they were so good and even reheated nicely.

One thought on “Cooking out of my comfort zone

  1. Sami K

    Yay, latkes! They’re probably one of my favourite thing about the holidays. I’m pretty sure I’ve done just about every variation known to humankind – and grated my knuckles a few times, too. I hope your arm feels better! x


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