DIY upholstery headboard

A few months back my boyfriend and I decided to make an upholsterd headboard for our bed. We had never done anything like this before but we gave it a try. It turns out upholstery is not as hard as it looks, I even got cocky enough to put puckered in buttons (also homemade) on the headboard.

All we used was a piece of wood the width of our bed and the height that we wanted, a thick piece of foam the same size as the wood, battan, and lots of material.
You can glue the foam onto the wood or use the batton to keep it in place. Lay the batton out on the floor and place the foam in the middle and then the wood on top of the foam. Using an industrial stapler, staple the batton to the wood on one side. This I found out is very important, you have to staple the oposit side first before you move on to the adjacent side otherwise it puckers. Once you have the batton attached trim around the staples edges so you don’t have a bunch of  excess. Lay your material down on the floor so the bad side is facing up. Place the batton covered foam on the fabric and repeat. To get your corners looking nice and taught fold the fabrick into many little pleats. TADA your head board is compleat!
If you want to do the buttons drill holes in the back where you want the buttons and use an unfolded coat hanger to go through the foam to the fabrick. Attach your buttons to thin wire and feed it back through the front, pulling it in untill you get the desired effect.  We used eye hooks srewed into the wood to attached the buttons but i’m sure there is a much better way.
To hang it on the wall we used a French Cleat. The video below shows you have to make one.

Books that help
Upholstery techniques and projects by David James
So simple upholstery
Beginners’ upholstery techniques by David James

4 thoughts on “DIY upholstery headboard

    1. gplrachel Post author

      Thanks Gail. Battan is what is between quilts, it’s usually white. I’m not really sure what it’s made of I was just told I needed it. If you ask at any quilting store they will help you find it.

  1. Gail Foster

    Thanks Rachel. You are referring to batting which I have used many times in my projects. I didn’t recognize the word “battan” – never heard it called that before!


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