The best cookbooks of all time (according to me)

If you haven’t guessed by now I love food, most of my posts are about food or cookbooks (I read them like novels) and I run the GPL’s Cook Book Club. I was talking with a friend the other day and she asked me what cookbook I couldn’t live without. I had such a hard time chosing just one so I came up with a list of 5 cookbooks I could not live without. I know some of you may wonder why I included one cookbook over another, but this is just the best cookbooks of all time to me.
#1 The Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer: I love the Joy of Cooking as a kitchen reference. If you need to know anything it’s in there. The book has been in print continuously since 1936 and has sold more than 18 million copies.
#2 The Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen: This is the book my mother use to cook from all the time when we were vegetarians. I love that this book if full of Mollie’s hand drawn illustrations and was handwritten for the first publication in 1977.
#3 The essential New York Times Cookbook by Amanda Hesser: This book is full of culinary history spanning 150 years of distinguished food journalism. It’s so much fun to look back and see what was popular during the turn of the century and how much food tastes have changed over the years.
#4 Gluten-free Makeovers by Beth Hillson: Having an allergy is tough, I know I have a bunch, but having a gluten allergy is even harder. This book has been such a great help to me and so many others who have gluten or wheat allergies that I’ve done a post on this book already.
#5 A Vietnamese Kitchen by Ha Roda: This makes my top 5 because I’m fortunate enough to have been to Vietnam and to have taken a cooking class while I was there. The food is just so fresh and flavourful I don’t think I could live without it.
These are my top 5, leave a comment or email us at to let us know some of your favourites.

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