Novice gardening or How I murdered my herb garden.

I was taking Jenny (my loveable yellow lab retriever mix) out to pee the other day and I started to look at the balconies on my building. Quite a few of them have lovely gardens and it got me thinking that you don’t have to have a house with a backyard or front yard to have a wonderful garden.
I’ve always wanted to have a balcony garden but lack a green thumb. For the most part plants under my care usually die, I don’t mean for it to happen but I forget about them. I tried to grow a herb garden on my balcony last summer but I didn’t take into account that I get full sun all day and that I would need to get plants that could handle that. My boyfriend watered them for a bit when I would forget but gave up when he realised I had totally forgotten about them. Below I’ve listed a few books that would have helped me with my garden had I taken the time to do some research first. 
Helpful books
The art of balcony growing by Yvonne Rees
The urban gardener by Soina Day
Gardens in the sky by Michele Osborne
Gardening for roof terraces and balconies by Michele Osborne

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